Before Leaving Hawaii For Asia, Trump Did Something That Pissed Obama And Bush Off

You have to be understanding of the possibility that one of the main drivers of the establishments seething hatred of Trump is not that he is better than them but that he beat them all against all odds. 
Yes, they hate him because he took on both establishment parties and utterly annihilated them.
At the beginning, he took down Jeb Bush and the rest of the hapless and hopeless candidates. 
Then he got to work on the Hillary case. It was very pleasing to see, how he badly beat her, almost to the point of disfigurement, which in her case would be the exposing reality that she is a corrupt politician. But it would be worse if it was Bernie or Liz Warren.
Donald Trump is simply a winner. He is better than them in the political game and more importantly in the game of life and persuasion. 
Do you remember when he came out and was going to make a Huge statement about Obama’s Birth Certificate? The media was easily aroused about this particular narrative and they got into a frenzy and ran to the best spot on the press conference where they just knew Trump would break big news.
All the networks were there – all live and all were captivated. The backdrop was no accident – it was his new Trump hotel in Washington. And while the mainstream media was focused on that, Trump came out and embarrassed them all.
He made a quick comment about Obama being American and then took the media on an extended tour of his new hotel. BRILLIANT!
Since then, the media kept stalking his every move Hawaii and with Obama and Bush complaining that his business interests are creating a conflict for him, Trump did what Trump does best. He Hit BACK!

Now According to NEWSMAX, he made a stop at the Trump International Hotel Waikiki where he got out and walked into the hotel where he met with some of his employees and then left.

The establishment howled – “what about the emoluments clause,” “how can you do promote your own hotel while President,” and all the other nonsense they hurl at Trump on a daily basis.
A weaker man like Obama would be cowed and would fall in line quickly. But not Trump, he does it his way with no apologies.
Sarah shut down all the whiners saying simply, “Trump wanted to say hello and thank you to the employees for all their hard work.”
Now we go back to the main drivers of Obama’s and Bush’s resentment for Trump. He beat them all, but more importantly, he remained gracious as ever.
We salute you, President Trump. You have remained gracious after all these years of mainstream media attacks- Share if you support our President, Trump!

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